Get the help YOU need when YOU need it!

Don't waste valuable time looking up helpful contact numbers when time is of the essence. HELP! gives you fast, easy access to someone who can HELP! you.

In just 3 taps (app, row, confirm) you can be speaking to a qualified person to provide YOU with the HELP! and support that YOU require.


Contacts list is downloaded when the app starts.
Get the HELP! you need faster, no need to dial the phone number.
cursor-handTap to Dial
Tap a row in the list to dial the Contact.
textTap to Text
Tap a row in the list to text the Contact.
iphone-32Shake to Dial/Text
Configure Help! to dial/text a contact when you shake your iPhone.
Get info on a contact, including a link to their web-site.
If you accidentially tap a row, HELP! will ask you if you want to dial that contact.
Available on iOS
Currently ONLY available in Ireland.


* Any iPhone or iPod touch with iPhone OS 7 or higher.
* Cellular network connection required to dial for HELP!.
* Cellular or Wi-fi network connection required to view contact website.


Where did I get the idea for the app? I got the inspiration for the app while doing a work First Aid coruse. In one of the handouts, it listed the number for the Poision Control Center in Baumount Hospital in Dublin. It got me thinking that if someone you knew was poisoned, time would be cruical. How long would it take to to look up the number in the phone book. In just 3 taps, you could have an expierenced person on the line to HELP!


September 17th, 2013

+ iOS 7 compatibility added.


October 16, 2011

+ [Improvement] Updated for iOS 5 compatibility
+ [Improvement] Provides additional stability and performance improvements


March 8, 2011

+ [New] New Contacts Added
+ [New] Contacts are now downloaded to the app
+ [Improvement] Full retina display support - new high resolution images added


July 1, 2010

+ [Improvement] iOS4 Support
+ [New] Tell a friend button added to About view
+ [New] Apps section added to About view
+ [Improvement] Code cleanup


January 21, 2010

+ [Update] iPhone 3.0 compatible
+ [New] Shake to Dial/Text a Contact
+ [New] New Contacts Added
+ [Improvement] Code cleanup


December 28, 2009

+ [Change] New Application Icon
+ [New] New Contacts Added
+ [New] Tap to Text a Contact
+ [New] Filter Dial/Text Contacts
+ [New] Contact count
+ [Improvement] Code cleanup


December 18, 2009

+ First Release
+ [New] Tap row to Dial
+ [New] Contact Information

Q: How much does the app cost?

HELP! is free to download from the Apple App Store. Network charges do apply when a contact is dialed.

Q: How do I dial a contact

You can get HELP! in just 3 taps:

1. Tap the app icon to start HELP!
2. Tap a row to select a contact
3. Tap OK to dial the number

Q: Why do I have to confirm I want to dial a number?

The confirmation popup is to safeguard against accidental taps.