Compu-GUIDE is a privately held Irish software company; founded in 2003 by Michael Pierce with a single idea- to help you understand your computer, the internet and how it all relates to you.

"We provide unique solutions to your online needs."

Since 2004, Compu-GUIDE have designed and developed high quality, low cost web-sites.

In 2009, Compu-GUIDE started to develop applications for the iPhone. With over 10 years of software development experience, it was the obvious choice.

Mobile Software

Compu-GUIDE offer competitive prices for application development on mobile devices (iOS & Android). Why not contact us for a quote.

Stage/Film props

We also create applications which will be used as props in plays and in film/tv shows. In 2010 we were tasked with creating an app for 'Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog' which toured Chicago.


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Who Am I?

I've always been into video games and it was not until I started college in 1994 that I found my true calling. Computer Science had not been my first choice but once I wrote my first program ... I was hooked.

Designing web-sites has always been a passion, since my first one in 1995 to the many I've created since them (including this one). The technology is constantly changing and it can be challenging.

I love movies, especially sci-fi and have always had an interest in the industry. In 2003 I signed up with MovieExtras.ie and since then I've been an extra an a number of movies (A Tiger's Tail, Becoming Jane) and tv shows (Fair City, Podge & Rodge) filmed in Ireland.

Then in 2009, I decided to try my hand at developing applications for the iPhone. It meant learning a new language and technology. 2 months later, in December 2009, I submitted my first app to the iTunes App Store.

Michael Pierce
Software Engineer
Website Designer
Mobile Developer